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Fubo Partners With TiiCKER To Offer 20% Discount And Other Investor Perks


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Fubo has partnered with TiiCKER to offer a number of rewards to investors, including a 20% discount on the first month of its Pro package. As far as discounts on live TV plans go, this is one of the more novel ones.

TiiCKER is a platform that helps companies to reward verified investors as a means of improving engagement, and the new partnership with Fubo provides shareholders with access to a tiered perks program.

One of the most notable benefits offered so far is the 20% discount on a one-month subscription to Fubo Pro. Considering Pro costs a minimum of $74.99 a month, a 20% discount takes the cost of the first month down to around $60. As Fubo applies a regional sports fee in most areas, the final total for the first month is likely to be higher than the $60 discounted rate in most locations.

With this discount only applicable to the first month of a subscription, this investor perk is aimed at those signing up to Fubo as a new subscriber. One Fubo share is required to unlock this discount, and according to TiiCKER, Fubo shares are currently trading at $2.43 each.

In terms of the other investor benefits, Fubo says the new tiered perks program will unlock “exclusive early access to product features through the company’s beta testing program.” While no additional details on these features were provided, TiiCKER lists Multiview, FanView, and streaming in 4K as examples of previous beta features.

It is worth noting the access to early features appears to be one of the benefits reserved for a higher investor tier. TiiCKER lists 100 shares as the minimum investor requirement.

Fubo also says that additional perks will become available in the future. One of the first of these additional benefits is expected to be access to exclusive Fubo online store discounts, and it is currently unclear how many shares will be required to unlock this benefit.

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