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fuboTV Prices: How Much The Pro, Elite, And Premier Plans Cost

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fuboTV costs a minimum of $74.99 per month for the Pro plan. However, this is only one of the plans offered by fuboTV and the exact price a consumer pays each month is determined by the channels they want access to, the importance of 4K, and whether they live in an area where an RSN fee applies. Without adding any extras, the cost of a fuboTV base plan could be as much as $109 per month.

While fuboTV is often thought of as a sports-focused live TV service, that identifier is becoming less important as time goes on. Over the past couple of years, the fuboTV channel lineup has evolved to better cater to homes looking for non-sports content as well. At the same time, competing services like Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV have upped their game in the sports department. Even though fuboTV still offers access to plenty of sports, it may not be the best option for all homes, including those with the biggest sports fans.

In terms of price, fuboTV currently offers three different base plans with the minimum cost ranging from $74.99 to $94.99 per month. The live TV service does also offer a Latino plan, priced at just $33 per month (sometimes billed quarterly at $99). However, the Latino plan is specifically focused on Spanish language TV, making it a very different product to the other fuboTV base plans.

Pro Is fuboTV’s cheapest base plan

fuboTV’s cheapest live TV package is currently the Pro plan. Priced at $74.99 per month, Pro offers access to more than 140 channels along with the option to stream on up to 10 devices at the same time – so long as those devices are connected to the home network. In addition, all Pro plan subscribers get access to a 1000-hour DVR for recordings.

fuboTV live guide listings$80+ a month
190+ channels
10 streams
1000-hour DVR
7-Day Free Trial

When compared to the rest of the market, fuboTV is at the higher end along with DirecTV Stream. For example, Hulu Live TV starts at $69.99 per month, YouTube TV is slightly cheaper at $64.99 per month, and Vidgo’s plans start at $59.95 per month. Much further down the pricing order, Sling TV’s plans cost almost half as much as fuboTV, and Philo’s live TV plan is even cheaper at just $25 per month.

fuboTV (Pro)$75/mo.
DirecTV Stream$75/mo.*
Hulu Live TV$70/mo.
YouTube TV$65/mo.
Sling TV$40/mo.
*Increasing to $75 on 1/22/23

If everything was simply determined by the price then there would only be one service and that’s where additional factors like the channel selection come into play. On paper, fuboTV’s $74.99 per month Pro plan features a greater number of channels than any of the other live TV streaming services. Whether that selection is right for an individual home, will depend on their particular needs, but fuboTV is not short in the number of channels.

For most people and homes, the Pro plan is likely to be more than enough. The number of channels, streams, and DVR hours is comparable to other popular streaming services, including Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. However, the Pro plan does not include any 4K channels or content. If 4K is important to a home, then the choice can already be narrowed down to Elite and Premier.

A word of warning: the Pro plan price listed above is the base cost. In areas where fuboTV offers subscribers access to Regional Sports Networks, fuboTV charges an additional RSN fee. This can add as much as $14 to the base price and is a non-optional charge in areas where it is applied.

Choosing between Elite and Premier

Both the Elite and Premier plans come with everything included in Pro, and more. For example, both also include access to the fubo Extra and News Extra add-ons, adding another 60+ channels in the process. Likewise, both come with the same selection of 4K channels. Where the two more expensive plans mainly differ is in the premium channels departments.

The Premier plan adds that little bit of extra value through the inclusion of Showtime. Considering a standalone Showtime subscription can cost up to $10.99 per month, adding it to the Elite plan takes the price up to around $96 per month.

DVR (Hours)10001000
Streams10 (home)10 (home)
fubo Extra
News Plus

Whether roughly $1 in savings is enough to sign up to Premier is debatable, but it is technically cheaper when all things are considered. Of course, if not interested in Showtime or getting it elsewhere, including bundled with Paramount Plus, then there is no real reason to choose the Premier plan over the cheaper Elite package.

Of course, the way live TV streaming services work these days, it is less important which plan is chosen when signing up. Subscribers can, at any time, upgrade or downgrade in line with what they want from their subscription that month.

Note: Similar to the Pro package, both the Elite and Premier plans are subject to an RSN fee in areas where RSNs are available.

fuboTV cost summary

fuboTV’s Pro plan costs a minimum of $74.99 per month. This is the entry-level package with access to more than 140 channels. Those in need of a more premium experience can upgrade to the Elite plan for an extra $10 per month and gain access to the fubo Extra and News Extra add-ons. For another $10 on top of the cost of Elite, subscribers can sign up to the Premier plan. However, the inclusion of Showtime is the main difference between the Elite and Premier tiers.

Previously, fuboTV offered an Ultimate plan in replace of the current Premier plan and that was a much better deal. Even though Ultimate was priced at $5 more than Premier it included the Sports Plus add-on. Sports Plus costs an additional $10.99 per month on its own and unlocks access to a number of additional sports channels, including NFL RedZone. Considering the importance of sports to many live TV subscribers, the Ultimate plan filled in some important channel gaps in the Elite and Premier plans.

As the Pro, Elite, and Premier plans don’t differ in terms of the number of simultaneous streams or cloud DVR limitations, the variety of channels and the price are the main points to focus on when choosing between these fuboTV base packages. For most homes, the best option is to probably start with the Pro or Elite plan and take it from there.

Updated January 2023

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