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You Can Watch fuboTV Away from Home (But Watch out for Streams)

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You can watch fuboTV away from home and with very few restrictions compared to other live TV streaming services. The main caveats fuboTV subscribers need to be aware of is how many devices they can stream on at the same time. In addition to how the channel selection might be affected when streaming fuboTV away from home, including local channels and RSNs.

One of the benefits of streaming live TV channels is the option to watch on different devices and in different locations. However, many services limit the away from home experience and fuboTV is not any different. Although, compared to others, fuboTV appears to be more lenient, which is good news for the subscriber.

fuboTV does not place any direct limitations on watching away from home. As a result, fuboTV subscribers should get largely the same experience whether they are watching at home or away from home. However, one of the areas that will be affected when watching away from home is the number of simultaneous streams.

Simultaneous streams away from home

fuboTV provides subscribers with up to two streams at the same time. That’s for a standard subscription. Anyone who signs up to the service today will likely be either opting for the Family or Elite plan. Both of these plans come with more than the two simultaneous streams that fuboTV offers as default.

  • Family: up to three streams at the same time
  • Elite: up to five streams at the same time

While the plan subscribed to affects the number of streams, so does being away from home. For example, Elite plan subscribers can stream on up to five devices at the same time. However, that is reliant on those devices being connected to the designated Home network. When not connected to the home network, only three devices can stream at the same time.

As a real-world example of how this might impact a household. When at home, a family of four on the Elite plan are able to stream what they want, when they want, on any device that they have access to, and at the same time. When away from home, that same family will find they are unable to all watch what they want at the same time.

This is irrespective of whether on vacation, visiting family, or spending time at a second home. The overall number of devices that can stream at the same time will always be less when away from home.

Furthermore, the three streams is a best-case scenario as is it dependent on the Elite subscription. Those signed up to the Family plan will have access to three simultaneous streams at home, but only two of them will be available when away from home.

Channel selection away from home

Besides the number of same-time streams, another area that will be affected when watching fuboTV away from home is the channel selection. Generally speaking, most channels will remain accessible, but the availability of local channels is totally dependent on the physical location of the home network. Therefore, when away from home, fuboTV subscribers will be presented with channels that are local at the time, and not the subscriber’s actual home local channels.

There is an additional caveat here and that’s regional sports networks. While these are also tied to the user’s home location and network, these actually don’t change when accessing fuboTV away from home. Instead, the subscriber retains access to their home RSN wherever they are accessing from. However, this sustained access does require the user to have logged in through the Home network using the same device within the last thirty days. If outside the thirty days, fuboTV subscribers may encounter issues accessing their usual RSN.

fuboTV away from home summary

fuboTV is a fairly generous and lenient service when away from home. Unlike other live TV services, fuboTV does not appear to put any limitations on the devices that can or cannot access live TV when away from home. Generally speaking, if you can access the service on a device when at home, there should be no issues using that same device when away from home.

However, there are some caveats to be aware of with the main ones being the number of devices that can stream at the same time, the channel selection, and the effect on local channels and RSNs. Although they are limitations, they are also common ones and therefore, not particularly reflective of fuboTV itself. Overall, fuboTV’s away from home experience appears to be very similar to its at-home experience.

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