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fuboTV Now Offering ‘Family Plan with Showtime’ for $64.99


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fuboTV has now started offering its Family plan with Showtime at a discounted price for the first three months. It is unclear when the promotion started, or if the deal currently has an expiry date.

fuboTV is a good live TV streaming option for those who are keen on having access to additional sports channels and content. The service offers a variety of different plans with the cheapest starting at $54.99 per month.

The Family plan currently costs $59.99 per month. That’s its usual rate although right now a new ‘Family Plan with Showtime’ option has started showing up, priced at $64.99 per month. With Showtime typically costing $10.99 per month, via this plan the cost of Showtime is reduced to $5 per month – for the first three months at least.

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Following the initial period, the price is listed to go up to $69.99 which technically, is still cheaper than the $70.98 a subscriber would have to pay if subscribing to the two services separately, or even adding Showtime to the Family plan as an add-on. As this appears to be targeting new customers, it is unlikely to be a promotion existing subscribers can take advantage of, regardless of whether a Family plan subscriber or not.

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In reality, this is more of a moving of the promotion than a new one. For example, fuboTV previously offered Showtime bundled with the more expensive Ultra plan. The Ultra plan still includes Showtime, but the price has risen from the previous promotional rate of $74.99 per month to the usual $79.99 per month. Therefore, as that promotion has come to an end, it looks like fuboTV has opted to offer Showtime on the same terms, but this time to new Family plan subscribers.

At $65 with Showtime, the family plan becomes a more interesting proposition. This makes the Family plan $10 more expensive than the fubo Standard plan, yet it also increases the cloud DVR storage limit from 30 hours to 500 hours and the number of streams from 2 to 3.

To further highlight the savings on offer for the extra $10, the upgrade in cloud DVR normally costs $9.99 per month, while the increase in streams would add another $5.99 to the price. That’s all without taking into consideration the additional $10.99 per month for the cost of Showtime.

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