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fuboTV Closed 2021 With 1.13 Million Subscribers

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fuboTV closed the last quarter with 1.13 million subscribers, marking a new milestone for the live TV streaming service. In the past, fuboTV has trailed the likes of YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV and Sling TV in terms of subscribers. While that’s still the case, the gap has been closing over the past year.

Although fuboTV has tended to prioritize live sports channels and content, the channel lineup has gradually expanded over time to appeal to non-sports fans as well. As a result, the service now offers a selection of channels that’s comparable to the other main live TV streaming services. Furthermore, with Hulu having recently increased the cost of its live TV subscription, fuboTV is now a slightly cheaper option overall.

As part of its latest quarterly results, fuboTV confirmed that it ended the fourth quarter and 2021 in general with 1.13 million subscribers. Officially, fuboTV hit the one-million subscriber mark back in November after closing out the previous quarter with 944,605 subscribers. However, the latest announcement highlights that the service is still seeing an increase with each quarter that passes. In the fourth quarter alone, fuboTV added an additional 185,000 subscribers.

It is worth noting that fuboTV operates in a number of countries and that the 1.13 million represents the total number. Looking specifically at North America, the expectation now is that fuboTV will close the first quarter of 2022 with between 1.028 and 1.033 million subscribers. Looking further afield, the number of North American subscribers is expected to increase to as many as 1.51 million by the end of this year.

In spite of the continued gains each quarter, fuboTV still remains behind the top three live TV streaming services in the US, although the gap is slowly closing. With more than 2 million subscribers, Sling TV is the closest rival at the moment. In contrast, Hulu Live TV is currently delivering live TV channels to no fewer than four million. While Google’s live TV streaming service tends to not provide subscriber updates as frequently as the others, YouTube TV is understood to be serving around the same number as Hulu Live TV, likely even more.

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