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Switch To HBO Max Ad-Free Annual Plan & Only Pay $110

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Existing HBO Max subscribers can potentially save a good amount on the cost of their subscription by only paying $109.99 for the entire year, when they change to the annual ad-free plan. This is not the only promotion that the streaming service is currently offering consumers although this one is of specific benefit to those already signed up to the service.

A standard HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 if paid monthly. The service does also offer another plan that reduces the cost down to $9.99 per month but it also removes some of the main benefits, such as the ability to watch ad-free or download shows and movies to watch offline. Earlier today, HBO Max started offering the option to sign up for just $7.49 per month for the ad-free plan, essentially reducing the cost by 50-percent. The caveats with that deal is that the discounted rate is only for six months and the promotion is only available to new and returning subscribers. The latter of which rules out those that already have an active ad-free subscription.

HBO Max is actually offering existing ad-free subscribers their own specific deal, as long as they are on the monthly plan and switch over to the annual plan. HBO Max already offered the option to pay yearly with the price set at $149.99, a 20-percent saving compared to paying $14.99 per month over 12 months. However, existing subscribers can now switch to that same plan, but only pay $109.99 for the full year. That’s equivalent to 26-percent off the normal annual price which, in itself, is already 20-percent lower than the cost of paying monthly for 12 months.

HBO Max is emailing existing subscribers with news of the deal, but for those that haven’t received the email yet, it is pretty easy to check if they are eligible for the promotion.

How to check for $109.99 HBO Max annual deal:

  1. Visit the HBO Max website
  2. Sign in if required
  3. Select a profile (if more than one)
  4. Click on the profile icon (top right)
  5. Click on “Subscription”
  6. Click on “Manage Subscription”
  7. Click on “Switch Plans”
  8. Toggle “Monthly” to “Yearly”

If the discounted ad-free annual plan is available, the subscriber will see the price listed as $109.99 under the “Ad-Free” plan option. Simply clicking on the “Select Plan” button will then allow them to secure the additional discount. Considering this is a yearly plan, the subscriber will be expected to make the annual payment in full when making the switch. It is also worth noting that, as HBO Max is changing the billing cycle, the price will adjust to reflect any unused portion of the month that has already been paid for. In other words, the exact price a subscriber pays today might be even cheaper.

At this rate, the price is equivalent to just over $9 per month for the ad-free plan, making it even cheaper than the monthly cost of the yearly ad-supported plan. In fact, HBO Max does offer ad-supported users the same 20-percent discount if paying annually, with the price coming in at $99.99. Considering the new extra discount doesn’t apply to the ad-supported plan, the ad-free annual subscription is currently just $10 more than the ad-supported annual plan.

In terms of the caveats, the promotion is due to end on September 26, 2021. This is the same date the $7.49 per month deal is also due to end on. Likewise, the HBO Max additional annual discount is only available to existing subscribers that are billed directly by HBO Max. For example, if getting a subscription through YouTube TV or another third-party service, the $109.99 deal won’t be available. Lastly, the promotion also only applies to the first year, with subscribers expected to pay the higher $149.99 for the following year unless they cancel before the discounted period ends.

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