HBO Max Now Available To Download On LG Smart TVs In The US

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HBO Max has now expanded its device support to include LG smart TVs. The popular WarnerMedia streaming service was already available on a variety of platforms and devices, and the latest expansion will make it even easier for more people to watch the shows and movies available through HBO Max.


The upgrade to the standard HBO service launched mid-way through 2020 and, at the time, HBO Max arrived with a varied level of device support. However, some devices have remained missing from the list and especially in the smart TV department with Vizio and LG two notable examples. In terms of the latter, that has now changed with the latest announcement.

WarnerMedia has confirmed that HBO Max is available to download on LG smart TVs starting from today. The announcement is specific to the US and explains that the app can now be downloaded on a variety of LG TV models, including its OLED lineup as well as QNED Mini LED TVs and LG NanoCell TVs. This is so long as the TVs are no older than 2018 and are running on a minimum of webOS 4.0.


With the app now available, interested LG TV owners can simply search for HBO Max through the WebOS interface on the TV and download the app in the same way they would with any other app available on an LG TV.

Once downloaded, and if new to HBO Max, then subscribers will need to choose between one of the available plans. A standard HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 per month, but there is also the option to go with a cheaper $9.99 per month plan. Besides the difference in price, the cheaper plan also comes with some additional limitations, such as the inclusion of ads, no option to download movies to watch offline, and no ability to watch the latest Warner Bros. movies on the same day they are released in theaters.

There is also an annual subscription which can reduce the cost compared to paying the full price each month. The ability to sign up to HBO Max on a yearly basis is available withy both the ad-supported and unlimited plans.


Source: WarnerMedia

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