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HBO Max Finally Arrives On Vizio SmartCast TVs

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HBO Max Vizio Smart TV app

HBO Max is now available on Vizio SmartCast TVs adding yet another device option for subscribers to watch their favorite shows and movies on. Following the addition of Locast support last month, the selection of apps available to watch on a Vizio smart TV also continues to increase providing consumers with more options for streaming shows and movies without the need for a separate device.

HBO Max launched in 2020 and while the service encountered some initial device support teething problems, the selection of smart TVs and players has slowly been expanding. Over the same period of time, the number of consumers signing up to the service has also been continually increasing, as has the subscription options thanks to the recent addition of an ad-supported tier. With the newest plan option, consumers have the choice of either signing up to HBO Max for $9.99 per month or going ad-free for $14.99 per month.

Vizio Smart TV users also now have the option of joining in on the HBO Max action thanks to the newly added support for the SmartCast platform. As is typically the case with Vizio SmartCast TVs, there’s not much Vizio TV users need to do with the HBO Max app now accessible under the Apps section of the TV’s interface.

As part of the launch, Vizio has confirmed that the SmartCast home screen also now includes a dedicated HBO Max carousel which highlights some of the original episodes that are currently available to watch for free. HBO Max recently begun making select episodes of shows available to stream without the need for a subscription through the HBO Max app, and it is those same episodes that can now also be accessed via the new SmartCast carousel. For full access to everything the streaming service has to offer, SmartCast users will need to log in with their HBO Max subscription details or sign up.

As Vizio’s SmartCast platform also supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Google’s Chromecast, consumers do still have the option of casting HBO Max from their mobile device to their TV. The difference now is there’s no longer a need to rely on these workarounds with all of the HBO Max shows and movies now available to stream directly on a Vizio SmartCast TV as well.

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