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How To Watch UEFA Euro 2024 In The U.S.


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If you’re planning to watch UEFA Euros 2024, the entire tournament will be broadcast on the Fox family of channels. As a result, those in the United States will need access to a live TV package that includes the various Fox channels.

This year’s Euros takes place between June 14 and July 14 in Germany. The first game kicks off at 3 p.m. ET and sees host nation Germany taking on Scotland. The opening game is available to watch live on Fox.

Here’s the Euros 2024 schedule:

  • June 14 to June 26 – Group stage
  • June 29 to July 2 – Round of 16
  • July 5 and 6 – Quarterfinals
  • July 9 and 10 – Semifinals
  • July 14 – Final

Cheapest way to watch Euros 2024

Overall, Sling TV is going to be the cheapest option for watching the Euros. However, as Sling doesn’t offer Fox in all locations, you might want to check whether Fox is available in your area before signing up.

If Fox is available where you are, Sling Blue is the only plan that includes Fox in its lineup and costs $40 a month ($45 in areas where ABC is also available). Some games are also due to be shown on FS1, which is also included with Sling Blue at no additional cost.

Updated Sling TV logo with emphasis on TV
  • $40-$55/mo
  • 32+ channels
  • 1-3 streams
  • 50-Hour DVR

Deal: Get your first month for just $15.

Other Ways To watch Euros 2024

If Sling isn’t the right service for you, here are the other live TV streaming services that offer access to Fox and FS1.

Directv stream logo brand

From $79.99

Fubo logo

From $79.99

Hulu logo

From $76.99

YouTube TV logo branding

From $57.99*

*limited-time promotional price

Based on the prices listed above, we would recommend trying YouTube TV, as it offers one of the best experiences and at a cheaper price than the others. However, the $57.99 price is a limited-time promotional price and only applies to the first three months of a subscription. After the third discounted month, the subscription will auto-renew at the usual $72.99 monthly rate.

Maximize A Free Trial

With the tournament set to run for an entire month, those looking to watch as much of the action as possible will likely need to subscribe for up to two months.

Alternatively, signing up to a live TV service with a free trial may make it possible to subscribe and only pay for one month.

Here’s an overview of any currently available free trials for the services that carry Fox and FS1.

If hoping to minimize how long you are signed up, it is important to keep in mind that automatic billing is in effect, so you will need to manually cancel the subscription once this year’s Euros come to an end.

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