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Hulu Live TV Channels: Here’s What You Get With A Subscription

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A Hulu Live TV subscription includes more than 75 live TV channels for access to live sports, news, special events and more. In addition, a Hulu Live TV subscription also includes access to a substantial variety of on-demand movies and shows, thanks to the inclusion of three additional subscription at no extra cost. Hulu subscribers can also add a selection of premium channels to their plan if they want to increase the overall number of available channels.


While Hulu only offers one main ‘Live TV’ subscription option to consumers, there are different variations of the plan available with the main difference being ads. As to be expected, subscribers cannot escape ads when watching live TV channels, but the “No Ads’ version does make it possible to avoid commercials when watching on-demand content from the basic Hulu library.

Officially, Hulu says it offers access to more then 75 channels. The standard Hulu Live TV subscription currently costs $69.99 per month while those opting for the ad-free version will pay $75.99 per month. There is also a ‘Live TV Only plan’ available which costs $68.99 per month. However, this plan does offer considerably less value than the other plans. Regardless of which of these prices a consumer pays each month, the selection of live TV channels is exactly the same.


Below is a full list of every channel that’s currently included with a Hulu live TV subscription. (as of March 16, 2022)

Adult SwimESPN UNBC News Now
A&EESPN College ExtraNews Nation
Animal PlanetFood NetworkNFL Network
Big TenFox BusinessNick Jr.
BloombergFox NewsOlympic Channel
BoomerangFox Sports 1Oxygen
BravoFox Sports 2OWN
Cartoon NetworkFreeformParamount
CheddarFYISmithsonian Channel
CMTGolf NetworkStartTV
CNN InternationalHLNTCM
Comedy CentralIDTelemundo
Cozy TVLifetimeTLC
Crime InvestigationLocalishTNT
THE CWLMNTravel Network
DiscoveryMSNBCTV Land
Disney ChannelMotortrendUniversal Kids
Disney XDNASAVice

When signing up to Hulu Live TV, some consumers might find that the exact number of channels available is slightly higher than what’s listed above, depending on their location. This is due to the way local channels work, with Hulu Live TV providing access to more locals in some areas than others. By visiting the Hulu Live TV website, an individual can quickly and easily check the exact number and selection of channels that’s available to them before signing up. To do this, click on the ‘view channels in your area’ link and then input the ZIP code where the service will be accessed from.


Additional channels and content with Hulu Live TV

By bundling a live TV streaming subscription with additional subscriptions, Hulu offers a lot of value for the monthly cost. This is one of the major differences between Hulu live and other live TV streaming services. With a Hulu Live TV subscription, the consumer not only gains access to basic Hulu, but also Disney+ and ESPN+ as well. As these prices do include three additional subscriptions, consumers will need to factor in the additional cost when making direct comparisons with other live TV streaming services.

If the selection of live TV channels and the on-demand content is not quite enough for an individual or household, there is also the option of adding select premium networks to the plan. Overall, the choice is pretty limited and consumers will need to keep in mind that each premium network that’s added, also adds to the monthly cost.

  • Cinemax ($9.99 p/m)
  • HBO Max ($14.99 p/m)
  • Showtime ($10.99 p/m)
  • Starz (8.99 p/m)

In addition to the premium networks listed above, Hulu Live TV does also offer a couple of other add-ons that increase the number of channels. For example, there’s the Sports add-on which adds another six live sports networks, including NFL RedZone, to the base plan for $9.99 per month. Then there’s the Entertainment add-on which bundles an additional 16 entertainment channels to the base plan for an additional $7.99 per month.

Hulu Live TV channels summary

Hulu Live TV provides access to more than 75 live TV channels for $69.99 per month. The exact number may vary depending on location due to the availability of locals. In addition to the standard channel lineup, Hulu Live TV subscribers also have the ability to stream movies and shows from the basic Hulu on-demand catalog, as well as access to Disney+ and ESPN+. All of which does make Hulu Live TV a content-first service.

In reality, much of this value comes from the inclusion of the additional subscription. For those that are not particularly in need of basic Hulu, Disney+ or ESPN+, they might be better off considering an alternative service. While a Hulu live subscription will suit a number of individuals and households, it is not the only option available, and some subscribers may find that they get a better deal or a more suitable channel lineup by opting for a different live TV streaming service. In some cases, they may even up with a better selection of channels and a cheaper monthly bill.


Updated March 2022

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Starz costs $8.99 per month through Hulu. Right now there’s a Hulu promotion where you can add Starz for $4.99 per month for the first six months, but that ends in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, it is $8.99 per month.

If you’re thinking about getting Starz TODAY then this flash sale – is the best deal right now. Although it won’t be integrated within the Hulu app as a channel if that’s what you’re looking for.

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