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How To Sign Up For Hulu Live TV Without Disney Plus and ESPN Plus


Hulu Live TV channels 2022

It is possible to sign up to Hulu Live TV without Disney Plus and ESPN Plus but the saving is so minimal that it isn’t really worth subscribing to the Live Only TV plan.

The standard Hulu Live TV plan costs $69.99 a month. In addition to the 85+ live TV channels that are included with a subscription and the related on-demand content, the main Live TV package also unlocks access to basic Hulu (With Ads), Disney Plus (With Ads) and ESPN Plus.

Hulu Live TV
Hulu LIve TV guide$77+ a month
95+ channels
2 streams
Unlimited DVR
Disney+ and ESPN+
3 Days Free

The Live TV Only Hulu plan is exactly that. Live TV only. Not only are Disney Plus and ESPN Plus removed from the package, but so is the basic Hulu catalog, including all of the Hulu Originals.

The problem with the Live TV Only plan is that it still costs $68.99 a month. Yep, choosing to pass on basic Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus will only result in a saving of approximately $1 a month.

For those that want to save on the cost of live TV, and don’t mind trying out an alternate service, there are cheaper options available. However, for those that do still want to sign up to the Live TV Only plan, here’s how to do it.

Signing up to Hulu Live TV Only

While Hulu does offer a Live TV only plan, it hides the option from view, which is not surprising considering it is such a bad deal in comparison.

If heading over to the Hulu Live TV website, new customers will only see the one option available – the $69.99 standard Live TV package that includes both Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.

For those that specifically want to subscribe to the Hulu Live TV Only package, they will need to sign up through the link below.

Instead of the one plan Hulu advertises on the homepage, the link above opens up two Live TV plan options for consumers to choose from. Simply select the Live TV Only plan and sign up as normal.

Hulu Live TV Only
Two Hulu Live TV plans to choose from

For those that already have a Hulu account, they can sign in with their existing account details. However, it is worth noting that existing Hulu subscribers (basic Hulu or Live TV) may not see the option to sign up to the Live TV Only plan.

We found that after signing in with a subscribed account we were redirected to the main account page, and the Live TV Only package didn’t appear as a possible option under the normal Manage Plan section.

For those that encounter the same issue, it may not be possible to upgrade or switch over to the Live TV Only plan. Instead, we suspect that existing basic Hulu or Live TV subscribers will need to cancel their current subscription, wait for the current billing period to end, and then sign up again through the link.

When we tested signing up with an old account that’s no longer subscribed to Hulu Live TV, it was possible to subscribe to the Live TV Only package.

Hulu Live TV Only sign up
Signing up to the Live TV Only plan

Hulu doesn’t offer a free trial to Live TV subscribers

Unlike many other live TV services, Hulu no longer offers a free trial to new subscribers and this also applies to the Live TV Only plan. Instead, new subscribers will be expected to pay the full $68.99 for the first month when signing up.

Once subscribed to the Live TV Only plan, subscribers will have access to all of the live TV channels available with the standard plan, including all of the same live news and live sports channels.

Subscribers to the Live TV Only plan will also be able to access the live TV service on all of the same supported devices as the standard live TV plan.

The only difference is that they won’t have access to the additional basic Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus services.

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