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LG’s New Bluetooth Speaker Is An Audio Upgrade For LG’s StanbyME Displays


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LG StanbyME Speaker

LG’s new StanbyME Speaker is designed to work perfectly with the company’s StanbyME displays, offering an improved audio experience when streaming video or listening to music. As this is a standalone speaker, it can also be used on its own when required.

LG first announced its StanbyME smart display back in 2021. The 27-inch TV comes with a stand, with wheels, and a battery, meaning it can be wheeled around and used anywhere. In 2023, the company also announced a StanbyME Go model. Basically, StanbyME Go makes use of the same 27-inch LED touchscreen but packed within a briefcase.

Today the company officially announced the global launch of its new LG StanbyME Speaker. In addition to being used on its own, the speaker can be used with an LG StanbyME lifestyle screen. Once connected, the StanbyME screen’s remote can be used to control the volume of the speaker, as well as simultaneously turning the speaker and screen or or off.

In terms of the audio, LG says the external speaker works in tandem with the StanbyME screen’s built-in audio system to create “a unified audio setup” and deliver “an outstanding sound experience.” With up to 16 hours of battery life available as well, the speaker is designed to last significantly longer than the built-in battery of LG’s StanbyME smart display or StanbyME Go.

Further emphasizing its compatibility with a StanbyME TV, a “dedicated cradle” makes it possible to mount the speaker directly to the display’s stand. The design of the mount also allows the user to adjust the height to even better suit their individual needs.

For those considering picking one up, the LG StanbyME Speaker costs $199.99 and is available to buy in the U.S. and Korea from LG’s online store. According to LG, its new wireless speaker is set to become available in other major markets in the near future.

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