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MGM Plus Deal: Get 6 Months For Just $15


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A new deal reduces the cost of an MGM Plus subscription down to just $15 for the first 6 months. This represents a saving of around 50% when compared to the normal monthly rate.

MGM Plus is probably still better known and more recognizable as Epix. The popular streaming service was rebranded in January with the new name designed to better align with the branding of its parent company, MGM. In spite of the change in name, all plans and prices remained the same.

In other words, an MGM Plus subscription costs $5.99 per month when signing up on a monthly basis. Right now, however, it is possible to sign up and only pay $15 for the first six months. At this rate, the subscription breaks down to $3 per month on average, about half the cost of the usual monthly rate.

To take advantage of the discounted rate of $15 for the first six months, simply sign up to MGM Plus using this link. It is worth noting that unlike signing up for the normal monthly plan, this promotion does not include a free trial. As a result, new users will be expected to pay the full $15 at the time of signing up.

For reference, MGM Plus does also offer an annual plan which is priced at $49.99 per year. Even though the current $15 deal is only for 6 months, it auto-renews at $30 for 6 months. Basically, a full year will cost $45 making it $5 cheaper than the usual annual plan price.

The current promotion will also keep open the option to cancel before the end of the first 6-month period, and avoid having to pay for the second half of the year if MGM Plus isn’t right for you.

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