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MSG Networks Confirms MSG+ Monthly, Annual, And Per-Game Pricing


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MSG Networks has now confirmed pricing for its upcoming MSG Plus (MSG+) streaming service, and it’s not going to be cheap. However, one of the benefits of the approach taken by MSG Networks is that it will not only offer monthly and annual subscriptions, but also a per-game pricing option.

For those simply looking to sign up on a monthly basis, the cost of an MSG Plus direct-to-consumer subscription will be $29.99 per month. For those willing to sign up on a longer term to save on the cost over a full 12-month period, the MSG Plus annual plan will be priced at $309.99.

If already paying for a live TV plan that includes MSG Networks, the subscriber will get access to MSG Plus at no additional cost. Essentially, MSG Plus will replace MSG GO for those live TV subscribers.

What is interesting here is that MSG Networks is also taking a pay-as-you-use approach to its streaming service. While sports fans can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to get access to all games, they will also be able to purchase single games for $9.99 each.

Even though this won’t prove cost-effective in the long run, it does open the door to a cheaper option for those that just want to watch one game now and again. Even at one game per month, it is still considerably cheaper than the monthly and annual subscription options.

In terms of when sports fans will be able to sign up to the standalone MSG streaming service, the exact launch date remains unclear. MSG Networks has confirmed that the plan is to launch sometime in the summer and has launched a new website where interested users can sign up to stay informed on all the latest announcements.

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