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Netflix Begins Adding HBO Originals, Starting With Insecure


Insecure On Netflix

Netflix has added the HBO Original Insecure to its library, and this is understood to only be one of a few HBO shows that will be available to stream on either platform in the near future.

The arrival of so many new streaming services over the past few years has tended to result in each one focusing more on fencing off their originals and exclusives from other services. In the more recent past, however, the market has started to see the availability of select content becoming available again on competing services.

Warner Bros. Discovery has been one of the most prevalent in this respect. After previously agreeing a deal to make select shows available on The Roku Channel and Tubi, the company has agreed a deal to make some HBO shows available to stream on Netflix.

The first of which is Insecure. Earlier today, Netflix confirmed that all five seasons of the HBO Original are now available to stream on Netflix.

The deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery was reportedly only agreed late last week, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which likely explains why Insecure wasn’t originally listed as one of the shows due to arrive on Netflix in July.

The availability of Insecure is also understood to be just the first HBO Original to make its way over to Netflix. According to Deadline, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Six Feet Under, and Ballers are all also set to arrive on Netflix in the near future.

It is worth noting that, unlike the Roku and Tubi deals, this agreement with Netflix won’t see these titles becoming unavailable to stream via Max.

For example, Insecure is now available to stream either on Max or Netflix, and the same dual-service availability is expected to be in effect for the other HBO titles, once they become available to watch on Netflix.

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