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Netflix Dropping Support For Apple TV 2nd Gen And 3rd Gen (Older Sony TVs Too)


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If you currently use a second or third-generation Apple TV player, it looks like your device is losing Netflix app support soon. The change is due to take place July 31, 2024 and will result in the Apple TV HD (aka Apple TV 4th Gen) becoming the minimum supported model.

According to Netflix, the dropping of support is to “ensure you maintain the best possible Netflix viewing experience.”

If you are unsure which Apple TV model you’re currently using, the affected Apple TV (2nd generation) was first released in 2010 (model number A1378) and the affected Apple TV (3rd generation) refers to the player first released in 2012 (model number A1427 or A1469).

Another way to identify the device is by the remote. While both affected Apple TV players came with the aluminum Apple Remote, the 2015 Apple TV HD (new minimum supported model) came with the Siri Remote (1st generation), aka the Apple TV Remote (1st generation).

It is not just Apple TV either. A number of 2014 Sony Bravia smart TVs are also scheduled to lose support for the Netflix app next month, following the 2012-2013 Sony devices that lost support earlier this year. In the latest round (affected Sony TV models), smart TV support comes to an end on July 24, a week earlier than the affected Apple TV players.

An update to the Netflix supported devices help post states “Netflix may no longer be available on some TVs and TV streaming devices made before 2015.” As recently as last month, this same note was in relation to 2014 and older models, so it is possible that other pre-2015 devices are affected as well.

For reference, we don’t expect the app to remain available on any of these devices after their support is discontinued. In other words, Netflix won’t simply stop rolling out updates to the app, but completely disable the app on these devices, resulting in users receiving a “Netflix is no longer available on this device” message when opening the app. In some cases, the app will be removed completely from the device.

As a result of these support changes, affected homes will likely need to find an alternative streaming player to access Netflix on.

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