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Netflix Preview Club: How It Works, Invitations and Other Questions Answered

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For those unaware, Netflix has a semi-secret ‘Netflix ‘Preview Club‘ where subscribers can watch new movies and shows before everyone else. However, the Netflix Preview Club isn’t a club you can just apply to be a part of, and even if invited, you still might not get access to a lot of content before other subscribers.

Netflix has a substantial catalog of movies, shows, and originals for subscribers to check out at any time, and new titles are added every month. Like most companies, Netflix is also often keen to hear what people think of its content, and early screenings through the Netflix Preview club is one way it can find out.

As Netflix’s preview club is designed to receive feedback, club members are expected to provide their thoughts for each title they watch. While this feedback is typically provided through surveys, it is not unheard of for Preview Club members to be invited to a panel to provide their thoughts as well.

Joining Netflix Preview Club — how it works

With the lure of access to movies and shows before everyone else, it stands to reason that many existing subscribers would like to sign up to the program. The problem, however, is Netflix doesn’t offer any way to apply. Instead, Netflix Preview Club is an invite-only program.

The only way to join the club is to receive an email from Netflix with an invitation. What’s more, Netflix states an invitation in itself is not a guarantee of membership, so receiving the email still might not get you in.

For those that are lucky enough to get the email, they will need to click through a link and follow the instructions to join the club. This will include signing up with the same email address used for Netflix in general and providing some additional personal information. It is important to note here that Netflix doesn’t ask invitees for any financial information. In other words, be extremely cautious of any Netflix Preview Club emails asking for financial details or a payment, as it is likely to be a scam.

As Netflix doesn’t actively promote the club, it remains unclear how often it sends out invites or whether multiple people are invited at the same time. For the same reason, it also currently remains unclear how many members there are, or if there is a cap on the number. Presumably, much of this depends on how much content Netflix is looking for feedback on at the time, and how active, effective, and timely current members are at providing feedback.

One thing we do know is that Netflix says it selects accounts members to invite based on existing subscriber data. Among other things, this includes “viewing behavior and how long you’ve been a member.”

After joining Netflix Preview Club — how it works

After joining the program, members have the chance to watch content before it becomes available to the general public. That said, it is unclear how often content becomes available to preview, and we have seen plenty of user reports suggesting subscribers sometimes wait months for a new screening to become available.

Any content that is available can be found in a dedicated Preview Content row on the Home screen when logged in as the primary member (account holder’s profile). Similar to Popular on Netflix, New Releases, and the other existing rows, members can simply click on any of the Preview Content titles and start watching. That’s after entering their PIN.

In a bid to add a further level of protection to proceedings, Preview Club members are provided with their own PIN for accessing screenings. So even if invited and accepted, and there’s content available to watch in the Preview Content row, those that don’t have access to their PIN won’t be able to watch any of the titles.

While preview content can be found by checking out the Netflix app, Preview Club members also receive an email ahead of time confirming the availability of upcoming screenings. In cases where a member has received confirmation of a screening but can’t find the title in the Netflix app, making sure they are logged in to the main profile and restarting the device can often help.

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