Netflix Makes It Super Easy To Stop Devices Using Your Account

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Netflix is now making it super easy for subscribers to manage devices tied to their account, even if they no longer have access to those devices. Over the past few weeks and months, Netflix has been making a number of changes designed to offer better control of an account. In some cases, help those they are sharing an account to move on and create their own.

For example, Netflix launched a new feature in October which makes it possible for users of someone else’s Netflix subscription to switch to their own without losing access to their personalized profile. While a move partially designed to get more people paying for their own Netflix subscription, it is also a useful way for existing subscribers to better control who has access to their account.

The latest change offers a similar level of control, albeit at the device level. Essentially, the new Managing Access and Devices feature allows subscribers to log out of a device they no longer have access to. In the blog post announcing the feature, Netflix uses hotels and “your friend’s house’ as prime examples of when this feature will come in handy. According to Netflix, the new feature is rolling out immediately, and globally, and is accessible through the Netflix website as well as the Android and iOS mobile apps.

The subscriber can access the new Managing Access and Devices feature through the Account section of the settings menu (under Security & Privacy). Once there, they can see which devices are connected to their account and click on the Sign Out button next to any they want to deauthorize. The same section also provides some additional information on those devices, such as the last time they were used to access Netflix and the location they were in at the time.

Although Netflix positions this feature as an easy way to remotely log out of devices, the streaming service is expected to start cracking down on account sharing next year by introducing a new sharing fee. In other words, the new Managing Access and Devices feature might also prove useful as a quiet way to disconnect other people from an account once that additional charge starts rolling out.

John Finn
John Finn

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