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Netflix Warns Some Basic Subscribers Will Lose Access Unless They Change Plan


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Netflix has started warning some Basic tier subscribers that they will lose access to the streaming service if they don’t change plans. This means either upgrading to the more expensive Standard plan, or downgrading to the cheaper, but ad-supported, Standard with ads tier.

After previously removing the Basic plan for new subscribers in various countries, Netflix confirmed that it was planning to retire the Basic plan altogether. The process was due to begin in the second quarter with Canada and the UK, and over the past 24 hours, the streaming service has started emailing Basic subscribers to let them know their plan is being discontinued.

From what we can tell, what happens next depends on the location. For example, while Netflix UK subscriptions are apparently being automatically switched over to the Standard with ads plan, Netflix Canada subscribers are being advised that their subscription will automatically be canceled if they don’t choose a different plan before the final billing date.

Speaking of which, the Basic plan will be officially gone in early June in both locations. If in the UK, subscribers can expect to be charged the cheaper £4.99 monthly fee for Standard with ads in the first week of June, if not sooner. If wanting to maintain an ad-free viewing experience, UK subscribers will need to upgrade to the £10.99 a month Standard tier.

For those in Canada, it looks like the last payment for Basic will be taken by June 1 at the latest. Subscribers that haven’t switched to another plan can then expect to automatically lose access on July 31 at the latest. For reference, the Standard with ads plan in Canada costs $5.99 a month and the ad-free Standard tier costs $16.49 a month.

As a reminder, the Basic plan is also expected to be fully discontinued in the U.S. as well. While there is no firm date on when, Netflix has confirmed the plan is to phase out its cheapest ad-free tier in other countries as well.

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