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New Google TV Shortcut Makes It Easy To Learn About New Features


Google TV menu showing recent updates under New Features

Google TV has added a new ‘Help & Feedback‘ section to the main Settings menu. The new section not only provides a shortcut to the ‘Send feedback‘ option (which was already available in the All settings menu), but it also includes a new ‘New features‘ section, making it easier to keep up to date on the latest Google TV features.

Take, new channels, for example. As we reported earlier today, Google TV has added 10 new channels to its FAST lineup. Clicking on the New features setting displays all the recent updates, and clicking on the ‘June 2024‘ update confirms the new channels – in addition to confirming the New features setting.

To access the new section, open up the Google TV settings menu (cog icon on the Home screen) and click on the very small “Help & Feedback” icon (?) that’s now displayed at the very bottom of the menu. You’ll then be able to choose between sending feedback or checking out the latest features.

If clicking on New features, you’ll also have the option to Learn more for more detailed information on each of the new features. As an example, here’s the new Feedback & updates information page.

Google TV image showing how to access New features section
New features section in main menu

Speaking of which, in addition to the New features section, and the new FAST channels, the June 2024 is also listed as including the following:

  • Free TV in Your apps – Open channels directly from the Your apps row
  • Reorder your apps – Customize the Your apps row
  • Free local news – Easily find free local news in the Live tab

As far as we are aware, these options were already available, so it is a little unclear what has specifically changed with them in the June 2024 update. If you do spot a difference, let us know.

John Finn


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