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New Screensavers Coming To Apple TV, Including A Snoopy Screensaver


Apple TV Snoopy Screensaver showing Snoopy and Woodstock on top of a doghouse.

If you’re getting a little tired of your existing Apple TV screensaver, fear not, as Apple has some new ones on the way, including a Snoopy screensaver.

Once set as the screensaver, Snoopy and Woodstock take over the screen “in a delightful animation” which ultimately concludes with Snoopy coming to rest in various locations, including on top of his doghouse.

This is only one of the new screensavers coming. For example, Apple TV users will also be able to pick a screensaver from a new Portraits category, or even select a screensaver that’s based on their favorite Apple TV+ show. All of the new screensavers are set to become available when tvOS 18 rolls out later this year.

InSight was another new feature for Apple TV announced at Apple’s WWDC event today. InSight works similar to Prime Video’s X-Ray feature in the sense that it provides Apple TV users with additional information about what they are watching, including actors in a scene, and even the music that’s playing in the background.

InSight is also due to roll out to Apple TV players as part of this year’s tvOS 18 upgrade.

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