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New Sling TV Subscribers Can Save $10 On 1 Month (Or $30 When Prepaying For 3 Months)


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New Sling TV subscribers can currently save $10 on their first month. Alternatively, they can save $30 when paying for three months in advance. Either of these offers can be applied to any of Sling TV’s base packages.

If opting for the $10 discount on the first month, the current offer brings the cost of Sling Orange or Sling Blue down to $30, and the cost of the combined Sling Orange & Blue plan down to $45. If based in any of the locations where an ABC fee applies, the $10 discount takes the cost of Sling Blue down to $35 and Sling Orange & Blue down to $50 for the first month.

For those wanting to lock in a discount for longer, Sling’s Slam Savings’ offer applies a $10 discount to each of the first three months. As this deal requires prepayment for the first three months, the cost of Sling Orange or Sling Blue comes out at $90, and Sling Orange & Blue at $135. Once again, those in an ABC area will pay an additional $5 each month, taking the prepaid total of Sling Blue up to $105 and Sling Orange & Blue up to $150 for the first three months.

As a reminder, Sling Orange is generally considered the better plan for sports and family programming, thanks to the availability of Disney-owned channels including the Disney Channel and ESPN. In contrast, the Sling Blue lineup is typically considered the better option for news and entertainment, thanks to the inclusion of Fox and NBC channels.

If looking for a better deal, and particularly on the first month, it may be worth waiting a little longer before signing up. Sling has been running a half-off promotion on and off for the past year and we expect that deal to resurface again at some point. For those in need of a live TV package right now, the current $10/$30 discounts appear to be the best Sling deals available.

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