Paramount+ Ads & Price Not the Only Plan Differences

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ViacomCBS has now confirmed some additional details for its upcoming Paramount+ streaming service, including the fact that the price and an ad-free steaming experience are not the only differences. While some of the details had already been known, the latest confirmation makes the plans much clearer to understand and choose between.


Back in January, ViacomCBS announced the Paramount+ name and confirmed that the streaming service would become available on March 4. In addition, the announcement also explained how this would be a sort of rebranding of CBS All Access, albeit with access to significantly more shows and movies via the inclusion of content from many of the other brand properties owned by ViacomCBS.

Today, ViacomCBS held an investor’s event where even more details were provided. For example, the ad-supported “Base” plan will cost $4.99 per month while the ad-free subscription will be priced at $9.99 per month. While these prices were to be expected, considering the promotion Paramount+ is already running, as well as the existing cost of a CBS All Access subscription, what was not known is the ad-supported version won’t become available at this price until later in the year.


For those wanting access to Paramount+ at the cheapest rate possible, they will technically have to wait until June. Between March 4 and June, Paramount+ explains that those who have pre-ordered a ‘with ads’ subscription, or those automatically converting from the cheaper CBS All Access plan, will be charged at the $5.99 per month rate. In addition, existing CBS All Access users on the cheaper plan “will maintain grandfathered access.” The last point is important to note, as there’s another fundamental difference between the Paramount+ Base and Premium tiers.

Paramount+ Premium content difference

Initially, it was thought that Paramount+ was taking a more or less identical route to plan pricing as NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service, albeit without the free tier. Essentially, that ads were the difference between the two plans. However, that’s not exactly the case. Instead, the Premium Paramount+ plan will be a richer product overall. For example, besides the ad-free experience, the ability to watch live TV through CBS and its local affiliates will only be available with a Premium subscription.

In contrast, the ad-free version is more of a basic offering that will mostly only consist of on-demand access to CBS and ViacomCBS content. Although it will also include live NFL football and some exclusive live sports. Likewise, it will also come with the same level of access to the many originals that Paramount+ plans to release throughout 2021 and beyond.

On a final note, some of the additional features that were mentioned for Paramount+ Premium (and unlikely to be available to Base subscribers) include support for 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, as well as the option to download on mobile devices.


Source: ViacomCBS

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