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Get A Paramount Plus Annual Plan For Just $25 With Promo Code


Paramount+ discount

New customers can currently sign up for a Paramount Plus annual plan at 50% off, unlocking a full year’s worth of access to the streaming service for as little as $25. With a variety of movies, shows, and sports events on offer, a Paramount Plus subscription offers pretty good value at this price.

Paramount Plus brings together content from a variety of popular networks including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, and Paramount Network. A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month and there’s the option to upgrade to an ad-free viewing experience for $9.99 per month. For those looking to save on the cost by signing up on a longer basis, annual plans are also available.

If signing up to the ad-supported plan, the cost of the yearly subscription is $49.99. If wanting ad-free access, the annual plan costs $99.99 per year. Right now, however, using the ALLYEAR promo code when signing up through the Paramount Plus website reduces the cost of an annual plan by half. The promo code can be used for either the ad-supported Essential or ad-free Premium plan and is due to expire on December 31st, 2022.

With 50% off, the cost of the Essential annual plan is reduced down to $25, while the cost of Premium is brought down to $50. On average, this works out to be around $2.08 per month with ads, or $4.16 per month without ads. The use of the promo code doesn’t seem to affect the free trial, so new customers will still be able to check out the service for seven days before having to make the annual payment.

For reference, the promo code is designed to highlight how soccer is available to watch all year on Paramount Plus, thanks to the service’s coverage of UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, and NWSL. Regardless of whether interested in soccer, it is a good way to save on the cost of a Paramount Plus annual subscription.

For those less interested in signing up for an entire year, it is possible to get an extended (one month) free trial by using the BRAVO promo code when signing up for one of the monthly Paramount Plus plans. This extended free trial promo code is currently due to expire on November 30th, 2022.

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