Paramount+ Adds ‘My List’ Watchlist with Latest App Update

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Paramount+ has added a ‘My List’ watchlist feature to the app allowing subscribers to bookmark shows, movies and originals so they can be easily watched at a later time. Although it may seem strange that a streaming service like Paramount+ didn’t already offer a watchlist, that has exactly been the case since launch.


Considering Paramount+ only launched in March of this year, it is a newer streaming service compared to many others, and this can mean some features that subscribers might expect to come as standard have yet to be added. However, unlike other streaming services, Paramount+ didn’t launch as an entirely new app. Instead, all of the previously available CBS All Access apps were updated overnight to become Paramount+. Therein is where the problem was, as CBS All Access also did not offer a watchlist for bookmarking content.

Paramount+ is now in the process of updating its apps with the new watchlist feature, officially called My List. As this is rolling out as part of an update, users will need to ensure their device apps are running the latest version – 8.0.22 for both Android and iOS users. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are showing the 8.0.22 version as now available, so anyone downloading the app for the first time will immediately gain access to Paramount+’s new My List.


For subscribers that have already downloaded the app, they will need to wait until the latest version rolls out to their device for My List to become available. Of course, users can speed up the process of gaining access to 8.0.22 by uninstalling the app from their device and then reinstalling Paramount+ again. Once available on a device, the feature works much like any other watchlist. The My List button will be visible after clicking or tapping through to a show, movie or Paramount+ original, and located directly next to the existing Watch Now button.

After clicking on the My List “+” icon, the video will then be added to the subscriber’s watchlist and automatically available on any supported device connected to the account. Subscribers will find the new My List section on the Paramount+ home page, located directly below the Keep Watching row. Again, similar to other watchlist features, users can just as easily remove any videos added to their Paramount+ My List by heading back to the same show or movie page and then clicking or tapping on the X button.

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9 replies on “Paramount+ Adds ‘My List’ Watchlist with Latest App Update”

I use a PC with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Paramount+ only shows the My List option when a series is selected but even though a series may be added to My List, there is no My List selection on the Home Page. Without this, I can have a bunch of series in the List but no way to select them. Also, No My List option shows for the movies.

Hi Lance,

I checked this today and it seems to work for me on PC using Chrome, including the My List section showing up on the home page. Maybe this will update on your end in due course.

Can confirm the movie issue, however. When using a PC, you can’t actually add any movies to My List as they automatically start playing when clicking on the thumbnail. So, this will have to be done through a TV/phone app for now.

I have the exact same problem on my Roku. The “My List” feature was on the home page one minute and then completely gone a few hours later. If I click on an individual show, it shows that it was added to “My List” but then there is no actual way to access the list. I have reinstalled the app but it just does the same thing.

The list is only limited to 50 programs. Unlike Disney where you can add over 50 programs but it will only show you 50 on the list and when you remove one the 51st on the list becomes the 50th. Paramount tells you the list is full and remove one to add another.

I am Really Disappointed that My List has Disappeared . . .
I am using Roku on a Samsung 4K & was So Glad to is they had brought back the list & now it’s gone, What’s With That ???

Why did they get rid of the “recently added” list of shows and movies? The app has been getting worse with each update

I added my list to the paramount app on my Roku device and it disappeared called customer support and there no help at all is this going to be fixed

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