No Paramount+ App on PS5 & No Suggestion It’s Coming Soon [Update: Now Available]

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Dec. 2022 update: It might have taken its time in arriving, but Paramount Plus has now officially launched a PS5 app. Similar to any other app, Paramount Plus can be downloaded directly on the PlayStation 5. End of update.

Original article: Paramount+ is unavailable on the PS5 and there are no suggestions that the app will become available anytime soon. Paramount+ is not the only streaming service lacking PlayStation 5 support, but unlike some of the others, there’s been no confirmation that Paramount+ is even working on support.

Paramount+ launched in March of 2020 and effectively replaced CBS All Access. However, as it is a plus service, it didn’t just replace CBS All Access, but expanded on the amount of content available, through the addition of shows and movies from the ViacomCBS vaults.

In spite of the branding changes and the expansion of content, one thing that did not change was the apps. Instead of releasing new apps, the existing CBS All Access apps were updated overnight and became Paramount+. In many ways, this updating approach is what’s led to the current unsupported device issue.

No PlayStation 5 support

While Paramount+ is available on many devices, it is currently unavailable on PlayStation 5. This is in spite of the service being readily available on Sony’s PS4. Similar to the other supported platforms, the PlayStation 4 app was also instantly updated to Paramount+ at launch. Any PS4 owners still seeing the CBS All Access app will need to make sure it is updated to the latest version for the change to take effect.

Of course, this doesn’t help owners of Sony’s newer game console, the PlayStation 5. Unlike the PlayStation 4, there was no previous app available to update. Technically, Paramount+ device support is no different to CBS All Access device support, and this inevitably means that the same devices remain unsupported. Likewise, this also means Paramount+ hasn’t developed any apps specifically for newer devices yet.

Furthermore, there’s no suggestion that Paramount+ is currently working on PS5 support either. While a number of other streaming services are currently missing PlayStation 5 support, many have at least confirmed they are working on it. While most don’t state an ETA, they do confirm support is coming. In contrast, Paramount+ has been suspiciously quiet on PS5 support and even when asked on social media, representatives tend to just confirm the lack of support and point consumers to the service’s device support page. All of which tends to suggest it is unlikely a PS5 app launch is nearby.

There are workarounds

While Paramount+ itself isn’t available on the PS5, there are workarounds. For example, both Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video apps are available on the PlayStation 5 and these can be used as a gateway to Paramount+, by downloading either app and then logging into Paramount+.

It is worth noting that both the Apple TV and Prime Video apps host Paramount+ as a channel. Therefore, consumers can sign up to Paramount+ directly through their Apple or Amazon account. Although signing up this way is slightly different to the direct Paramount+ route, the outcome is still the same. In fact, if signed up through Apple or Amazon, subscribers can still use their account details to authenticate their subscription and watch Paramount+ shows and movies directly through the Paramount+ website or through any other device that has access to a Paramount+ app.

While not an ideal solution, it is currently the best option for anyone looking to access Paramount+ directly on a PlayStation 5 console. Using a third-party app like Apple TV or Prime Video will still provide access to the same Paramount+ content, albeit through a different interface.

Paramount+ on PS5 summary

Paramount+ can’t be downloaded on a PlayStation 5 and it remains to be seen if PS5 support will arrive anytime soon. Although Paramount+ is a new service, there were no new apps launched. Instead, existing CBS All Access apps were updated to Paramount+. This ensured a decent level of device support at launch, but also means existing incompatible devices remained incompatible, and this includes newer devices such as the PS5. Going forward, Paramount+ has yet to confirm if PS5 support is even in development, let alone when it might arrive.

While the PlayStation 5 app remains unavailable, there are workarounds for watching Paramount+ shows and movies on the PS5. By using a third-party app like Apple TV or Prime Video, consumers can log in to their Paramount+ account and watch. Although not an ideal solution, it is currently the best and only way to stream Paramount+ on a PS5.

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