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Peacock’s Newest Dating Show Is One You Can Never Watch


Peacock Love Language

There are plenty of reality dating shows these days and even though Peacock’s latest match-making series comes with an interesting angle, it’s one you’ll never be able to watch.

The reason is that it’s not actually a real show. Instead, it’s a fake show that’s been fake announced to highlight Peacock’s new partnership with Duolingo.

The new fake show is called Love Language, and while all of the participants (the “hottest singles in the world” according to Peacock) are there to find love, they don’t actually speak the same language as each other.

Instead, they’ll have to rely on the language of love. Or, as Peacock puts it, the contestants will be forced “to learn a new tongue in more ways than one.”

Once again, the show is not actually real and has been put together, quite convincingly, as a joke. While there are plenty of jokes around April Fools’ Day, this one does come with some additional context, as Peacock has actually partnered with Duolingo.

Thanks to the partnership, and April Fools’ Day, those new to Peacock can currently save 50 percent on the cost of a paid plan for the first three months when signing up and using the APRILFOOLS2023 promo code at checkout. Peacock’s paid plans start at $4.99 per month so this deal brings the cost down to as little as $2.49 per month.

Subscribers do need to sign up and pay for the three months in advance, so the actual offer is three months of Peacock for $7.50. Once signed up, subscribers will then have access to the entire Peacock library, including its real reality dating shows like Love Island and Temptation Island.

If wanting to sign up to the ad-free Premium Plus plan, the same promo code can be used to reduce the cost by $2.50 per month. This will result in the new subscriber paying $12.50 ($7.50 for three months of Premium and $5 for the Plus upgrade) today. They’ll then need to pay $5 for each of the additional months (for the Plus upgrade). Once the discounted period comes to an end, the subscription will auto-renew at the full $9.99/month rate.

For those that are looking to improve their language skills, no participation in Love Language is needed. Instead, new users are being offered a 1-month free trial of Super Duolingo when signing up with the LOVELANGUAGE promo code. Duolingo typically only offers a 2-week Super Duolingo free trial, so this adds another two weeks for free.

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