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What Is Peacock Premium? Should You Pay More For Premium Plus?

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Peacock Premium is a paid subscription tier which unlocks all of the shows and movies available to watch through the streaming service. However, there are two different Peacock Premier plans and choosing between them depends on how much an individual or household is willing to pay, in addition to whether they want to skip the ads.


Peacock is a streaming service that brings together popular content from NBC and Universal, as well as some live sports including the English Premier League. All of which can make a Peacock subscription a good addition to a streaming setup. It doesn’t cost anything to create a Peacock account, and a free account does also allow the user to watch select shows and movies for free.

While free, Peacock also offers Premium plans which upgrade the experience. The standard Peacock Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month and can be enabled through the accounts settings for those on a free account, or when setting up the account for the first time. The major difference between the paid and free versions is that a free account only allows the user to watch a limited amount of content. With Premium, subscribers gain access to all of the shows, movies and live sports that are available to watch through Peacock.


In addition to the standard Peacock Premium plan, there’s also the Peacock Premium Plus plan. As the name suggests, the Plus version is an even more premium version.

Peacock Premium vs Premium Plus

As is the case with the free and standard Premium plan, one of the first and major differences between the two Premium plans is the price. While the standard Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month, Premium Plus increases the monthly cost to $9.99. Technically, Plus is billed as an add-on, so the consumer pays $4.99 each month for the standard Premium plan and then an additional $5 each month for Plus.

Price aside, one of the important differences between the Premium plans is the use of commercials. Similar to the free account, a standard Premium subscription is an ad-supported plan so consumers should expect to routinely see ads, while the Premium Plus plan is an ad-free subscription. It should be noted that even Peacock Premium Plus subscribers will still occasionally see ads. Even though the Plus plan is advertised as an ad-free subscription, some shows, movies and events still contain ads due to streaming rights.


Another difference between the Peacock Premium subscriptions is downloads. Similar to streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu and Netflix, Peacock allows paid subscribers to download select videos so that they can be watched offline at a later time. However, this feature is specifically reserved for those paying for the Premium Plus plan. In other words, standard Premium subscribers can only watch shows, movies and live sports while connected to the internet.

Should you pay more for Premium Plus?

Whether an individual or household should pay for Peacock Premium comes down to the experience they expect. If happy with the limited selection of content that’s available to watch for free, then there’s no need to pay anything for Peacock. However, if wanting to unlock all of the content that’s available, including live sports, then a Premium subscription will be worth paying for.

Whether it is also worth paying more for Premium Plus mainly comes down to the ads and downloads. Starting with the latter, this offline feature is primarily designed for mobile devices and when the subscriber is away from home. Therefore, most individuals and households probably won’t need to pay the extra each month just for the ability to download videos. While the ad-free experience may be worth the additional cost, this does also depend on the content. If mainly interested in watching live sports, for example, then ads will still be visible even with the ad-free plan.


For those signing up to Peacock for the first time, or upgrading from a free account, the best option is to start with the standard $4.99 per month Premium plan. If they find the ads are shown too frequently or the ability to watch offline becomes important, then the Peacock subscriber can quickly and easily switch over from the standard Premium plan to Premium Plus.

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