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Peacock Finally Adds Premier League Replays to Sports Section

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The English Premier League is back albeit with a number of games streaming exclusively on Peacock TV. In addition to live matches on the streaming service, Peacock also provides paid subscribers with the option to watch full replays of the games that are shown live on other NBC services and channels. However, the replay experience did not get off to the best start.

Peacock is still a new streaming service, considering it only launched in July of this year, following a beta launch for Xfinity customers. As a result, the app experience is still a little limited. For example, owners of Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices currently don’t have an app to download. For those that do have access to Peacock on their device, and looking to watch full replays of Premier League games, Peacock Premium subscribers have found it difficult to find the on-demand replays.

The Peacock app does have a dedicated ‘Sports’ section, but it was previously not showing the full replays. Instead, the section only included the live and exclusive Peacock games. Even when users manually looked for a team by using the app or website’s search feature, no results were found.

Premier League Peacock Liverpool
Team searches return no results

Sports section now updated

Previously, the only way the games could be found was by searching for “Premier” as this more generic but inclusive search term which would return all of the currently available to stream on-demand replays.

PL Replays Peacock search
“Premier” returns replay results

Following these early hiccups, the Peacock website and app have been updated and the replays are now more easily accessible. Those looking to watch any of the available on-demand games can simply navigate to the Sports section of the Peacock app or website and scroll down until they come to the new ‘Premier League Replays’ subsection.

For reference, performing a search for a specific team still only returns games that are exclusively shown on Peacock. Other than using the Sports section to navigate to the replay subsection, users will need to continue manually searching for “Premier.”

As a reminder, Peacock says it will be showing full replays of every Premier League game during the 2020 season, although they won’t actually be available until after 9PM ET on the day they were shown. Once live, the full replays will remain accessible through Peacock for up to 30 days, but some matches might remain available for longer.

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5 replies on “Peacock Finally Adds Premier League Replays to Sports Section”

It’s 10pm and the Chelsea vs. West Brom game played today is still not available on replays. Are they not showing replays for other games?

As of today (10/13/20) the only replays available to watch are matches from 10/3 and 10/4. Nothing from 10/10 and 10/11, as advertised.

This is completely different from the NBC Sports Gold pass I had last year, which worked great. I could watch matches the same evening they had been played live in England. Not, so far, this year.

They’ve now made a change so ONLY replays of games shown on Peacock will be available on Peacock. They originally promised ALL games broadcast on other networks would be available )after 9pm). From Peacock’s FB page: “Peacock will no longer have replays for matches that air on NBCSN. We will continue to have replays for any matches that are shown on Peacock. To check which matches we will have this weekend, please click here:
This is a big change and I for one will be cancelling and watching lives games on Sky (or NBCSN) via an app on my fire tv.

Peacock is showing the Winner of Supercross on their Replay before I get to watch! That is SO stupid! I missed Orlando Supercross yesterday, Feb 20th….I turn on Peacock, go to sports, search for Supercross, and right there on the tile it says Cooper Webb sweeps Orlando! That makes me so MAD!

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