Philo Subscribers To Get Discount Code After Yellowstone Outage

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Philo is going to be sending out a discount code to subscribers due to the recent outage which took place during Paramount Network’s season premiere of Yellowstone. Philo is currently the cheapest way to watch Yellowstone, so it is likely many homes signed up to the service just to watch the latest episodes. According to Philo, that was actually part of the problem, and the reason why the service experienced an issue in the first place.


As Philo explains, the live TV service experienced a “significant disruption” between 8pm and 9:15pm ET on Sunday night, which just so happened to be when the latest episodes of Yellowstone dropped. This was not a coincidence, however, with the blog post explaining that Philo was “unable to fully predict all the different stress points our systems would be under at scale and make sure we could handle that additional load.” This was in spite of the company spending months “planning for what we understood would be a huge night of viewership.”

The issue not only affected those watching Yellowstone, but everyone who was using the service at the time, including those tuning in to the latest episode of The Walking Dead on AMC.


In response to the situation that unfolded, Philo has made clear that it plans to start sending out discount codes to subscribers to make up for what happened. These codes will be sent via email “in the coming days.” Philo does specify that the email will either include a discount code or an extended free trial, with the latter likely to be for those that have signed up to the service but haven’t actually migrated to a paid subscription yet.

It is also worth noting that only customers that signed up with Philo directly will be receiving a promo code or extended free trial. As Philo explains, subscriptions started through Amazon, Apple, Roku, or any other third-party won’t receive a code. In the meantime, episodes 1 and 2 of Yellowstone series 5 are now available to watch on demand through Philo. Subscribers can probably also expect the service to be better prepared later this week when the next new Yellowstone episode drops on Sunday night at 8pm ET.

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