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Pickleball Fans Can Now Watch PickleTV On Prime Video And Freevee


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If you’ve ever wondered why there’s no channel that streams pickleball 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll be glad to know there is one – PickleTV – and it is now available to watch on Amazon’s Prime Video and Freevee streaming services.

While Pickleball might not be for everyone, it does seem to be a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. According to PickleTV, there are hundreds of pro-pickleball events held each year and in seventy countries around the world. In fact, PickleTV says that there are now more than 5 million players in the US alone.

For those interested in watching more pickleball, they now have the option of streaming pickleball matches, tutorials, interviews, and other original PickleTV content through Prime Video and Freevee. The news was confirmed by SPACEMOB, the distributor of the free, ad-supported streaming television channel. As PickleTV is a FAST channel, consumers don’t have to pay anything extra to access or watch the channel.

According to the announcement, the 24-hour channel will not only be useful to those wanting to watch professional pickleball matches but also those wanting to learn more about the sport, thanks to additional content for new players that includes clinics and instructional content.

If not currently using either Prime Video or Freevee, PickleTV was added to Plex as a free channel back in February. In the future, it is also set to become available through other free streaming services, including LG Channels, as well as some live TV services, including both Fubo and Sling TV.

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