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Prime Video Now Has Amazon Original Profile Images

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Amazon Original Profile images

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can now customize their app experience a little more thanks to the launch of Amazon Original profile images. As streaming service usage has increased, many companies have been looking at ways to improve the user experience and especially when it comes to when a subscription is shared with other people. Profile icons are one of those ways.

The latest feature builds on the addition of profiles. Amazon first introduced the option to create different Prime Video profiles back in 2020. With up to five additional profiles available, a single Prime Video account can have up to a total of six separate profiles. All of which now have the additional option of being further personalized through the use of Amazon Original character images.

Amazon has now added an option for Prime Video users to use a profile image based on popular Amazon Original characters. For example, while one user can now use an image of Borat for their profile, another family or household member might opt for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Midge. While Amazon hasn’t specified just how many Prime Video characters are available to choose from, the company did explain that the feature is now rolling out and available on all devices currently compatible with the streaming service.

Adding a profile image to an account is fairly easy to do. Although the exact method varies depending on whether accessing the service through the Prime Video website, on a mobile device, or on an alternate supported device, users will find the customization option available after clicking/tapping on their profile icon/name.

Prime Video is not alone in offering options to customize the experience between users sharing the same subscription. For example, HBO Max recently added the option for subscribers and those they share an account with to upload a photo to use as a profile image. This is in addition to the ability to pick from one of many HBO Max characters as well. Likewise, Disney+ also offers the option to customize different user profiles with popular Disney and Marvel characters.

With Prime Video also now getting in on the same action with its own Original characters, those subscribed to multiple streaming services can personalize their experiences in more ways, albeit not necessarily with the same profile image.

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