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Public Beta Of Cineverse’s cineSearch And ‘Ava’ Movie Concierge Goes Live Today


Cineverse's cineSearch Ava assistant asking "what do you want to watch"

The public beta of Cineverse‘s cineSearch AI-powered search and discovery tool goes live today. Along with the help of ‘Ava,’ cineSearch is designed to make it easier for viewers to find something to watch. As importantly, help viewers identify where they can watch a title.

Cineverse first announced its new cineSearch discovery tool early this year, confirming that it would make its debut in the spring. That begins today with the public beta accessible through

The public beta hadn’t officially gone live when we checked, and it remains unclear exactly when it will go live today. However, you can check out the promotional video below to get a better idea of how cineSearch works and what to expect.

As Cineverse previously explained, the metadata used to train the AI model is varied enough to ensure that it can understand additional search parameters and details. For example, theme, tone, mood, setting, music score, plot, and micro-genre, among others.

One of the interesting things about cineSearch is that Cineverse is not limiting recommendations to the company’s own streaming service and channels. Naturally, the tool will promote those services as viable watch options, but Cineverse previously confirmed cineSearch would provide links to where a title is available to stream, to ensure viewers can find the content they want on the service they want.

It is not surprising that cineSearch has opted to launch a tool like this, as consumers do appear to be growing more frustrated with content discovery in general. Recent surveys have suggested the time it takes for viewers to find something to watch is increasing, as well as ‘difficulty finding content’ being one of the main reasons for canceling a streaming service.

Whether cineSearch ultimately helps solve any of these issues remains to be seen, but it is yet another tool for consumers to try.

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