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Cinedigm Says 2022 Was A Record-Breaking Year For Screambox


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Screambox is the fastest-growing horror streaming service in the U.S., according to Cinedigm, who confirmed a record-breaking 2022 for the streaming service. Cinedigm also made the point that the plan is to build on that success in 2023 with the release of 30 new originals/exclusives.

Screambox is similar to Shudder in the sense that both focus heavily on horror content. That said, there are some notable differences between them, including their approach to pricing. For example, while Shudder totally relies on a subscription, Screambox offers some content for free as well as the ability to upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited access to the service.

That locked content, and in particular, some of its exclusives is what appears to have really helped push the streaming service forward in 2022. In an announcement, Cinedigm, who acquired Screambox in 2021, explained how subscriptions to the streaming service has increased 900% since its acquisition. Adding that Terrifier 2 led to a 144% increase in subscribers in the first two weeks following its release in 2022.

In addition to Terrifier 2, Cinedigm also pointed to some of its Originals as helping to further increase usage and subscriptions during the year. Speaking of which, Cinedigm also took a moment to highlight some of the new and original content coming to Screambox in 2023.

  • The Outwaters, a found footage movie that’s currently available to watch in select theaters.
  • Documentaries looking back at three groundbreaking franchises and their lasting impact on cinema.
    • Living With Chucky
    • RoboDoc, The Creation of RoboCop
    • Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story.
  • New Asian horror films
    • Ox-Head Village
    • Signal 100
  • Second season of the pandemic thriller The Island.

Whether or not Screambox will be able to replicate the success it saw with Terrifier 2 in 2023 remains to be seen, but The Outwaters looks set to be a good first test of the year.

The Outwaters was released in select theaters this week, but will soon be exclusively heading to Screambox.

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