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Save $30 On HBO Max’s With Ads Annual Plan With Promo Code


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It is currently possible to save $30 on the cost of HBO Max’s ad-supported annual plan. HBO Max recently increased the price of its ad-free plan by $1, taking the cost up to $15.99 per month. Although the With Ads plan was unaffected by this change, it is possible that more homes will now be considering opting for the ad-supported tier, making this deal a good way to save on the cost.

The standard price of the ad-supported annual HBO Max plan is $9.99 per month. However, signing up for the annual subscription results in a one-off charge of $99.99 per year. This breaks down to around $8.33 per month, which is almost half the cost of the standard ad-free monthly plan. Even though this is an ad-supported plan, our testing found the ad experience to be quite reasonable, and certainly better than what’s offered by many other ad-supported tiers and services.

With this new promotion, it is possible to sign up to the HBO Max ad-supported annual plan for just $69.99, a saving of $30, bringing the average monthly cost of HBO Max down to around $5.83. To take advantage of the promotion, head over to the HBO Max website, select the annual With Ads plan and then enter the PSTLOU promo code. Make sure the code is applied and the price is reduced down to $69.99 per year before signing up and paying.

Alternatively, and especially for anyone encountering problems getting the code to work, clicking on this link will take you straight to the redeem page with the promo code added. The user can then just click on the “Get The Promo” button and continue the sign up process as normal.

For reference, the promo code has been released in conjunction with the launch of The Last of Us. Based on the popular game, The Last of Us is an HBO/HBO Max exclusive with the first episode due to be shown this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. According to a Tweet from the official PlayStation account, the code is for “eligible PlayStation users” although we found that it works just fine for anyone signing up for the ad-supported plan.

For reference, the code only works for the ad-supported plan, so this isn’t a way to save on the cost of a yearly HBO Max ad-free subscription. Likewise, if only signing up to watch The Last of Us, then it may just be better (and cheaper) to sign up to the monthly ad-supported plan and cancel once the show has ended.

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