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Sign Up To YouTube TV Right Now And Get 3 Weeks Free


YouTube TV channels list updated Dec 2021

If you’ve been considering signing up to YouTube TV then now might be the right time to finally give the service a try, thanks to a new three-week free trial.

Unlike some other live TV streaming services, YouTube TV nearly always offers the option of a free trial to new subscribers. In general, the standard length of its free trial is 7 days. However, the service does routinely also offer a two-week free trial making it possible to watch for up to 14 days without paying.

While YouTube TV does sometimes also offer 21 days for free, these are much rarely events. Right now, however, that’s exactly what is happening. Those signing up to YouTube TV for the first time are being offered the option to watch for free for three weeks. 21 days without having to pay for YouTube TV seems like a really good deal and motivation to try the service out.

The standard cost of a YouTube TV subscription is now $72.99 per month, following the most recent price increase. Based on a four-week month, that works out to be around $18.25 per week. In other words, new subscribers would potentially save around $54.75 when compared to no free trial, and around $36.50 when compared to the usual 7-day free trial.

For reference, the three-week free trial doesn’t seem to affect the main $10 off promotion that YouTube TV is offering. Essentially, it is possible to sign up, get the first three weeks for free, and reduce the cost down to $62.99 per month for each of the first three months.

While it currently remains unclear how long this extended free trial will be available for, YouTube TV is advertising it as a way to “spring into better TV.” If it is a spring promotion, then it is possible that it might remain available for the next couple of months.

Obviously, for those in need of a live TV package now, or those that don’t want to miss out on an extended free trial, it might be worth signing up to YouTube TV sooner rather than later.

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