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Signing Up To DirecTV Stream Could Help You Get One Of Telly’s Free TVs


Telly TV with ads

Signing up to DirecTV Stream could help you get one of Telly’s free smart TVs when they become available later this year, thanks to a new and limited-time agreement between the two companies.

DirecTV already offers a number of reasons to give its DirecTV Stream service a try. For example, the channel lineup is likely to suit some homes more than others, and especially those wanting to watch local sports. Likewise, DirecTV Stream routinely offers three months of premium subscriptions, including Max, MGM Plus and Showtime, for free to new customers when signing up.

Starting today, and only for a limited time, DirecTV is offering new customers another reason. In short, all new customers who sign up to a live TV plan through DirecTV Stream can receive priority access to Telly’s waiting list. Since announcing its free TVs, Telly has said it had seen massive demand in terms of registrations, so this is one way to quickly get bumped up that list.

According to Telly CEO and Founder, Ilya Pozin, “DirecTV Stream customers will be among the very first homes in America to experience the ultimate television living room upgrade.”

As a reminder, and for those unaware, Telly basically plans to give away free TVs beginning later this year. Not just any old TV either, but a TV equipped with two screens. While the first is a 55-inch screen that acts as the normal TV, the second is more for information purposes and advertising. Similar to many popular streaming services, Telly plans to offset the cost through the use of ads.

In spite of its smart features, the TVs are understood to rely on a 4K streaming stick to provide access to streaming services. Based on this latest agreement, a 4K streaming stick that’s presumably compatible with DirecTV Stream.

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