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Sling TV Account Changes Affected By Recent Dish Outage


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Sling TV has been impacted by an outage that’s currently affecting Dish Network. Compared to other issues and outages, this one isn’t so bad, as subscribers are still able to log in and watch live TV or on-demand videos. However, any subscribers attempting to get help, or make changes to their account, are likely to run into issues.

The problem has been reported on multiple times over the past few days with the focus mainly on Dish, due to how badly Sling’s parent company has been affected by the outage. However, that’s not to say Sling TV hasn’t been affected. For starters, Sling’s help section has been updated recently to confirm that there is an issue. The message reads as follows:

Due to an internal system issue, some of our customer care functions are currently unavailable. We are working to restore the affected systems as quickly as possible.”


As explained in the message, some subscribers may encounter issues when trying to use any of the “customer care functions.” The problem is, that’s not very descriptive and doesn’t really explain the extent to the problem.

After a closer look it appears that Sling is affected by the problem in areas that may directly impact on the user. For example, the Sling TV website was unable to process any My Account requests for us when testing. Basically, we are currently unable to make any changes to our account.

Sling TV My Account Example Issue
Sling TV My Account issue example

We tested with more than one account and the same problem could be seen. When using what is currently a Sling Free account, it was impossible to restart the subscription. The same issue also seems to affect changing from one base plan to another, and is even preventing some accounts from being able to cancel their paid plan.

It should be noted that we keep getting somewhat inconsistent results when trying, so it is possible some subscribers may be able to complete some actions even if others can’t. In addition, some devices seem to be work better than others. For example, the TV and phone apps appear to be more responsive than the website. Still, and even though the apps may prove to be better options for making changes, they are very slow at the moment.

Again, Sling and Dish are aware of this problem and the general use of the live TV streaming service is unaffected. However, if you plan to make any changes to your account and run into issues, then you may have to wait until the problem is resolved to complete those changes.

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