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You Can Now Stream M3GAN On Peacock (Including An Unrated Version)


M3GAN on Peacock

The popular horror movie M3GAN is now available to stream on Peacock, and there’s even a new unrated version available to watch at no additional cost. M3GAN was originally released in the U.S. on January 6, 2023 and instantly became a theatrical and viral hit.

The movie centers around M3GAN, a lifelike doll that’s powered by artificial intelligence and designed to be a child’s companion. Sort of like a modern-day version of Chucky, albeit without all of the initial possession. Also, like Chucky, things take an unexpected turn when M3GAN actually befriends someone.

With M3GAN now available to stream on Peacock, subscribers can watch the movie without having to pay for a rental or purchase. As mentioned, there’s also an all-new Unrated Version available to stream as well.

While it remains unclear what exactly is different with the Unrated Version, Peacock does explain that it contains “never-before-seen footage.” As this is an Unrated Version, viewers should probably also expect that to mean more violence.

With two versions available to stream on Peacock, it can be easy to accidentally watch the wrong one. If interested in the theatrical version then here’s the link to watch now or add to your watchlist. Otherwise, here’s the direct link (you’ll need to be signed in) for those more interested in watching the all-new Unrated Version with never-before-seen footage.

If new to Peacock and now considering signing up, there’s no free trial available, unfortunately. However, the cheapest Peacock plan currently costs $4.99 per month and includes access to M3GAN. There is also the option to upgrade to an ad-free Premium plan, which comes with some additional benefits, including the removal of ad breaks before and during playback.

In our experience, Peacock has a tendency to allow ad-supported subscribers to watch its big-ticket movies uninterrupted, thanks to the use of a much longer ad-break (typically three minutes or less) before the start of the movie.

We’d wager M3GAN is one of those you can watch in this way, so there’s probably no need to sign up to the ad-free plan just to get an an uninterrupted viewing experience – following the extended initial ad-break.

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