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Streaming Accounted For 38.5% Of Total TV Usage In March 2024


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Streaming accounted for 38.5% of total TV usage in March 2024, resulting in an increase on the 37.7% for February 2024 and an increase on the 34.1% for March 2023. Overall, the latest The Gauge data from Nielsen pointed to a 3% drop in total TV usage in March, with seasonality listed as the main reason for the decline across the industry.

In spite of the overall decline, Streaming wasn’t the only category to see an increase last month, as Cable also increased to 28.3% (up from 27.6% in February). While Cable’s boost was primarily a result of live sports, especially college basketball, Nielsen also credited the State of the Union as another reason for the increase. Streaming and Cable were in contrast to Broadcast, which decreased down from 23.3% to 22.5%.

When it came to individual streaming services, YouTube increased to 9.7% in March (up from 9.3%), with Nielsen noting this was “the largest share for a streaming service to date in The Gauge.” Similar to YouTube, Netflix increased to 8.1% (up from 7.8%) and Hulu increased to 3% (up from 2.8%).

Elsewhere, Prime Video saw no change at 2.8%, Disney+ dropped to 1.7% (down from 1.9%), Peacock dropped to 1.3% (down from 1.4%), Max saw no change at 1.3% and Paramount+ dropped to 1% (down from 1.1%).

In terms of the free streaming services, Tubi remained the most popular, even though its total TV usage share dropped to 1.6% (down from 1.7%). Unlike Tubi, The Roku Channel increased to 1.3% (up from 1.2%), and Pluto saw no change at 0.8%.

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