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Super Bowl LVII Was The Most-Streamed Super Bowl Ever


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Super Bowl LVII was the most-streamed Super Bowl ever, according to Fox Sports. In total, Fox is claiming that an average audience of 113 million tuned in to watch the big game across TV and digital.

Super Bowl 2023 took place on February 12 and resulted in the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. Now that a few hours have passed since the game ended, Fox Sports has spent the time sifting through the preliminary data from Nielsen Media Research and Adobe Analytics.

According to that data, an average audience of 113 million watched Super Bowl LVII across television (Fox and Fox Deportes) and digital (Fox and NFL properties). That number climbed to as high as 182.6 million viewers when factoring in those who only watched a part of the event on Fox or Fox Deportes.

According to the data, digital coverage of the Super Bowl resulted in 7 million streams, an 18% increase on the 6 million from last year, and up more than 103% when compared to Fox’s last Super Bowl stream in 2020.

When looking at the overall coverage (TV + digital), Fox says that this was not only the most-streamed Super Bowl ever, but also the most-streamed event in Fox Sports history as well.

Kansas City and Philadelphia were, unsurprisingly, the two top local markets, followed by Cincinnati, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. The rest of the top 10 local markets consisted of Milwaukee, Norfolk, Charlotte, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

The Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show with Rihanna was another hit, drawing an average of 118.7 million viewers across TV and digital platforms. According to Fox, this made the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show the second most-watched Super Bowl halftime performance on record, second to Katy Perry’s 2015 performance.

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