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T-Mobile Customers Can Now Redeem 6 Free Months Of Apple TV+ (T-Mobile Tuesdays)

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T-Mobile customers can now redeem six months of Apple TV+ for free as part of this week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays offerings. As Streaming Better reported last week, the free subscription is available beginning today (March 19) and needs to be redeemed by March 26, 2024. Considering an Apple TV+ subscription costs $9.99 a month, the free perk results in $59.94 in savings over the six-month period.

To redeem the free Apple TV+ subscription, open the T Life app, scroll down and click on the 6 free months of Apple TV+ banner. The T-Mobile customer will then need to click on Save to My Stuff to save the offer. Those interested in seeing Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire in theaters can also redeem a $5 movie ticket to see the movie through Atom Tickets.

Once the Apple TV+ offer has been saved, click on the Redeem button to claim the free subscription. The user will then be directly to the Apple TV+ website where they can create an account. Existing Apple customers can simply sign in with their Apple ID and apply the free six months of Apple TV+ to their account.

Streaming Better can confirm this offer is also available to redeem by existing Apple TV+ subscriptions, delaying their next payment by six months.

Once the free six months come to an end, the subscriber will automatically be charged for the next period, unless canceled. If signing up for the first time, this will result in a charge of $9.99 for the month ahead. If extending an existing annual plan, the next yearly subscription payment will be collected, unless canceled.

As a reminder, and in addition to the general Apple TV+ library of originals, Apple TV+ subscribers currently have access to more than 50 additional movies at no additional cost. While access to some of these titles will expire at the end of March, others will remain available through April.

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John Finn

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8 replies on “T-Mobile Customers Can Now Redeem 6 Free Months Of Apple TV+ (T-Mobile Tuesdays)”

I don’t see the offer. I’m a T-Mobile customer…but only with T-Mobile internet. I get T-Mobile Tuesday offers…but this one is not there.

Maybe this offer is not for “T-Mobile customers” but for “T-Mobile mobile phone customers”.

Hmm, you still should have access to it. Are you using the ‘T Life’ app? If so, what do you see when you click on the “Tuesdays” tab?

Using the T-Life app. I see Ghostbusters, Firehouse subs, Wendy’s, 50% off any annual subscription, Dining rewards, Little Caesar’s,…more. No Apple TV+.

That is strange. Not sure why you are not seeing it. I don’t see anything in the T&Cs that suggest it is only for wireless mobile customers.

Probably won’t make a difference, but have you tried clicking on the ‘Tuesdays’ tab at the top? The T Life app opens to a ‘Featured’ section (with Ghostbusters at the top) but when I click on ‘Tuesdays’ Apple TV+ shows at the top instead.

Yeah. Not there. Maybe the new T-Life app can distinguish internet-only customers from voice customers.

Using me T-Life app. I see Ghostbusters, Firehouse subs, Wendy’s, 50% off any annual subscription, Dining rewards, Little Caesar’s,…more. No Apple TV+.

I am also only getting the ghost-busters tickets, whereas everyone else on my plan is getting the Apple TV plus offer.

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