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T-Mobile’s ‘Secret Baseball Button’ Helps You Stream MLB Without Getting Caught By Your Boss

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T-Mobile Secret Baseball Button

T-Mobile is running a new promotion where customers can win a ‘Secret Baseball Button.’ T-Mobile says the button can help customers watch MLB at work and without having to worry about getting caught by their boss.

Basically, the Secret Baseball Button is a Bluetooth device that the user can pair with their computer. According to T-Mobile, pressing the button brings up the game in the web browser on the connected device. Also according to T-Mobile, “press the button again and a “work” screen appears when the boss gets too close.” Users can toggle between ‘work’ and ‘baseball’ modes as often as they want by pressing the button back and forth.

T-Mobile has also now launched a new Secret Baseball Button website where baseball fans can enter for a chance to win one of these secret buttons. Entries require the user to hand over some details, including name, phone number, email, and home address. While entries also requires the user to declare their current wireless provider, the sweepstakes are open to both T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile customers alike. The ability to enter the Secret Baseball Button sweepstakes will remain available through Sunday, March 31.

Besides helping baseball fans to watch a game without getting caught by their boss, the Secret Baseball Button sweepstakes are being used as a way to remind T-Mobile customers that they can get a free year of MLB.TV. The ability to redeem the free MLB streaming subscription goes live in the T Life app tomorrow (March 26) and will remain available through Monday (April 1).

For reference, the free MLB.TV subscription is available to T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Home Internet and Small Business customers, and results in a saving of $149.99.

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