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MLB.TV Multiview Support Coming To More Platforms In 2024

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MLB TV Multiview showing four sports feeds at the same time

With the 2024 Major League Baseball season scheduled to begin next month, MLB.TV is now promoting its latest features and improvements for the new season. One of which is the expansion of multiview support to more platforms.

Specifically, MLB.TV has confirmed that subscribers will be able to watch up to four games at once on the MLB apps on supported Apple TV, Fire TV and Google TV devices. Considering MLB.TV multiview support was previously reserved for use with a browser, this expansion will greatly improve the ability to watch more games at the same time on compatible devices.

Last year, for example, Friday Night Baseball was the only baseball-related multiview experience available on Apple TV devices. With MLB.TV confirming support for compatible Apple TV players, baseball fans will now have far more options to watch more games at once on the same screen.

While Apple TV, Fubo, and YouTube TV all already offer some form of multiview, their implementations do rely on the use of their respective apps. That is what’s primarily different here, as it the MLB app on these platforms that is now gaining multiview support.

In addition to improved multiview support, MLB.TV is also making a new Catchup Mode available on select streaming platforms this season. Catchup mode works just like how it sounds, offering app users the ability to view a selection of in-game highlights to catch up on the action missed so far during a game.

Once again, some live TV streaming services already offer their own version of Catchup Mode, but having the feature accessible directly within the MLB app will offer baseball fans another way to get up to speed on what’s happening.

The big upgrade to an MLB.TV subscription last year was the ability to also stream Minor League Baseball games at no additional cost, and that’s unchanged in 2024. According to MLB.TV, subscribers will get access to more than 7,000 streamed Minor League Baseball games.

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