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Tubi’s Rabbit AI Is Here To Help You Fall Down Even More Rabbit Holes


Tubi Rabbit AI

Tubi is turning to ChatGPT to help users more easily find movies and TV shows to watch. Tubi has opted to name its first-of-its-kind mobile feature “Rabbit AI.”

Tubi might only be one of many free streaming services, but it is also one of the more popular ones around. Tubi’s light use of ads, coupled with a huge library, makes it an appealing option to any homes looking for a free streaming service.

In fact, its library is so large that many Tubi users (and Tubi itself) often liken the experience to going down a rabbit hole. With that in mind, it is no surprise that the streaming service’s new AI-powered chatbot has been called Rabbit AI.

Powered by GPT-4, Rabbit AI is designed to offer Tubi users a way to navigate those content rabbit holes, and can be called on at any time to help find content to watch.

Once called upon, Rabbit AI can be used to search for more specific types of content. For example, instead of “shark movies” the user could ask Rabbit AI to find “shark movies that are funny” and get a list of available titles to watch. Conveniently, these titles can then easily be added to the user’s watchlist.

According to Tubi, the use of Rabbit AI will also impact on the general Tubi experience. For example, Rabbit AI recommendations that are watched or added to My List will be used as a signal for Tubi to surface similar content on the home screen.

At the moment, Rabbit is still in its beta phase and is only being released to iOS app users. The new feature will begin rolling out to the iOS app today. Providing the initial iOS beta test goes according to plan, it should be expected that Tubi’s new Rabbit AI will make its way to Android mobile.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether this is a feature that’s expected to make its way to streaming player and smart TV apps anytime soon.

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