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Utah Jazz Partners With Kiswe For New DTC Streaming Service


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Utah Jazz fans will be able to stream games through a new direct-to-consumer subscription-based streaming service that’s provided in partnership by the cloud video company Kiswe.

For reference, Kiswe is the same company that also recently agreed a deal to provide Phoenix Suns with a direct-to-consumer streaming service, following the breakdown of the Bally Sports Arizona deal. Similar to the Suns and Kiswe deal, the Jazz agreement will make it possible for fans to stream in-market Jazz games.

Back in June, the NBA confirmed that, starting with the 2023-24 NBA season, all non-nationally televised Utah Jazz games would be available to watch locally on KJZZ. At the same time, the announcement confirmed that a new direct-to-consumer streaming option would also become available, and in time for the start of the new season.

It is that streaming service that more details have now been released on. The announcement confirms that Kiswe’s cloud-based video solutions and the NBA’s streaming platform will combine to provide fans with “a seamless and immersive experience” that includes additional interactive features, such as a chat-and-cheer option.

Partnering with Kiswe and the NBA is a significant step forward in our commitment to providing innovative, world-class fan experiences and maximizing our brand reach to the widest audience possible,” said Jim Olson, president of the Utah Jazz. “Through this collaboration, we are bringing the excitement of Jazz basketball to fans through a new, flexible platform where they can experience our players, team, and organization in an unprecedented way.”

In terms of the finer details of the subscription service, it looks like Jazz fans will have to wait a little longer for that information. Details “including subscription options, pricing, programming and interactive features” are due to be announced next month.

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