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Vegas Golden Knights Launch KnightTime+ Streaming Platform: What You Need To Know


Vegas Golden Knights KnightTime+ app

The Vegas Golden Knights and Scripps Sports launched their new KnightTime+ streaming platform late last week. KnightTime+ is designed to offer fans a way to stream all locally aired games within the team’s television territory, as well as additional content created by the Golden Knights.

The confirmation that a new Golden Knights streaming service was on the way came in May of this year, following a new deal between the NHL team and Scripps Sports. Last month, it was then confirmed that the new service would launch in September.

The new KnightTime+ streaming platform is the result of this deal and the subscription service officially launched on September 21st. As a result, it is now possible to sign up through the KnightTime+ website, and access the streaming platform on a variety of platforms and devices.

How much does KnightTime+ cost?

In terms of the price, a KnightTime+ season pass currently costs $69.99. Alternatively, it is possible to sign up on a per-game basis and just pay $6.99 to watch a single game.

During the 2023-24 preseason, all six of the team’s seven games will be available to watch on KnightTime+ as part of a free trial.

Who can sign up to KnightTime+?

Fans will need to be located within the team’s television territory to sign up and watch through the new service. This television market extends through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and certain counties in California, Arizona and Nebraska.

What can you watch on KnightTime+?

A KnightTime+ season pass unlocks access to 69 live games during the 2023-24 regular season. In addition, subscribers also get access to the first round of the playoffs should the Golden Knights qualify.

However, any games that are shown exclusively on ESPN or Turner Sports won’t be available to watch on KnightTime+.

KnightTime+ device support

Golden Knights and Scripps Sports have confirmed that a KnightTime+ app is available to download on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Roku devices.

Notably missing from that list is Android, both mobile and TV versions, as well as many first-party TV-makers, including LG, Samsung and Vizio. While no specifics were provided, Vegas Golden Knights and Scripps Sports said “other outlets are being actively pursued.”

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