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Verizon Customers Can Get 1 Year Of Starz AND Netflix For Just $75


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Verizon customers can currently get one year of Starz and one year of Netflix (Premium) for just $75. At this rate, customers would only be paying an average of $6.25 a month for both subscriptions. 

To put the savings into perspective, the standard cost of the Netflix Premium plan is $19.99 a month while a Starz subscription now costs $9.99 per month, following the recent $1 a month price increase

Considering there is no option of an annual Netflix plan, this is basically a $240 per year saving on the cost of Netflix alone. While Starz does offer an annual plan, priced at $74.99, it isn’t always available. 

Speaking of which, it is this Starz annual plan that has now made this deal possible. Verizon is offering customers, via its +play program, the option to just pay the $75 for the Starz annual plan and get access to both Starz and Netflix for the entire year. 

For those that are considering taking Verizon up on this offer, it is worth noting that both subscriptions will auto-renew at the normal rates after the first year. The only way to avoid this happening is to cancel the subscriptions, via the Manage page on the +play website, before the end of the last discounted month. 

Verizon does also note that both subscriptions have to be canceled separately, and at least two days prior to the expiration of the promotional period.

It is also worth noting that if you already subscribe to either Starz or Netflix through +play, then you will need to cancel that subscription, wait until the end of the billing cycle, and sign back up again to get the deal.

That’s providing it is still available, as this buy Starz get Netflix deal is set to expire at the end of July.

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