Verizon’s Android TV Set-Top Box Finally Gains Netflix Support

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Verizon’s Stream TV set-top box now supports Netflix. This device was launched late in 2019 as an in-house way for Verizon customers to cut the cord. However, it was missing a notable feature at the time of launch, Netflix.


Stream TV launched in November and initially was free to Verizon 5G customers or could be purchased for $69.99 from the company’s website. With Verizon already having deals in place with YouTube TV and Disney+, the device arrived with support for both services from launch. Although, in spite of Netflix being one of the most subscribed to services in the US, Stream TV users were unable to access the subscription service’s app.

That’s now changed. First spotted by Android TV Guide on Twitter, the Netflix help pages now show Stream TV as a Netflix supported device. What’s more, the Stream TV FAQs which previously confirmed the lack of Netflix support have also now been updated to show Netflix as an available service on the Verizon device.


An improvement to a fairly ordinary Android TV player

Devices arriving without netflix support is not totally unusual. This often happens with completely new product lines with companies opting to announce and even launch the products before they have been approved by Netflix. For example, OnePlus TV also launched without Netflix support only for it to go live a few months later once the device was certified by Netflix. The same appears to be what has now happened here with Verizon’s Stream TV.

Whether this helps the Stream TV to become any more worthwhile as an investment (compared to other streaming devices) remains to be seen. The Stream TV runs on Android TV and the price makes it more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi Box, even though both are likely to be relatively comparable on performance and experience.

Verizon has yet to demonstrate any specific reason why its generic player is a better purchase than other Android TV device. The generic nature also applies to the remote control which in spite of now getting Netflix support, will still be lacking a dedicated Netflix shortcut button – a common feature among Android TV players.


However, for those who have already invested in Stream TV, then the addition of Netflix is going to be a significant and immediate improvement.

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