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Vidgo To Issue Credits To Subscribers Following Technical Outage


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Vidgo is issuing two-week credits to existing customers following a technical outage which took the live TV streaming service offline over the weekend. Existing subscribers will also receive a $10 monthly discount for each of the next six months.

User reports began to surface late Friday and early Saturday confirming that Vidgo was experiencing an issue. While the reason was unconfirmed at the time, Vidgo started issuing updates on the situation late Saturday.

One of the first updates provided on Facebook confirmed the “technical outage” started Friday night and was the result of “a dispute with a vendor who changed the terms on Vidgo in the middle of a contract and forced the new terms on Vidgo after hours on Friday night.” With the outage still in effect at the time, existing subscribers were advised to make use of TV Everywhere to access supported channels and networks directly through their own apps and websites.

Unfortunately, it would seem that some subscribers also encountered issues signing in to these TV Everywhere apps and websites. According to another update from Vidgo, the TV Everywhere problem was the result of “a database authentication issue impacting a small number of customers.”

Along with the various updates on the outage, Vidgo has also been sending out emails to existing customers to confirm they will receive the two-week credit, as well as an additional $10 discount on their live TV package every month for the next six months.

For those that haven’t received the email for some reason, the same message has been posted to the company’s Facebook page, further confirming the service credit and discount that all affected subscribers can now expect to get.

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